As part of our commitment to focus on our providing top applications, modules, and providing information to all of our customers, we are announcing two maintenance periods. 


We have a scheduled network maintenance period for this Saturday, October 17th from 4 AM until 9 AM US Eastern time (Currently GMT -5). 

  • Please visit for more information regarding this particular maintenance.
  • The scope of this maintenance is strictly for installation of Microsoft .Net, ASP .Net, Winforms, and GTK# application support. This will be a huge improvement to your GameSagas web hosting experience.

We also have a scheduled web maintenance period for Monday, October 18th from 1 PM until 4 PM US Eastern time (Currently GMT -5).

  • The scope of this maintenance is to update our billing system. This should have limted impact on clients' websites, services and emails; as all these systems should remain fully functional.  The entire billing site will be down during this period, so any invoices that are generated or due during this period will be extended. Our support system will be fully functional for email and phone support during this period. 


If you need any additional information or need help determining whether you're affected by this or not, please feel free to email

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

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